Soaring above the rest since 1999

We are so busy creating new MUSE Sites for our clients, that our own site is still under construction.

Falcon Grafix is the continuation/rebirth of one of the oldest WebSite design Companies in Bloemfontein.

We started designing Websites in 1999 while working for a company (NuOffice) that offered various Specialized Software Solutions to the legal industry. During this time we started to design WebSites for many of the legal firms in the Central Free State. We were Beta Testers for the SAIX Platform before the RollOut of Internet to the public in South Africa.

In 2000 we started to design WebSites as Falcon.  In 2002 we started Caffeine Studio and in 2010 the company was changed into a CC with a 50/50 partner under the name CAFCO.

During these years we developed more than 200 websites, hundreds of designs and printed thousands of Cards, Books, Pamphlets, Banners. We have fitted out various shops such as RF Technologies in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Kimberley, with window and interior artwork. We were also appointed the MutiChoice agent for signage in the FreeState and Lesotho.

Part of life is that many endeavors and partnerships come to an end. The Founder decided to abandon Cafco and do what he did 15 years ago. Start fresh with many lessons learned in the world of business design and partnerships.

15 years ago Falcon Grafix was the name for a Hobby. Today it is a new company with vast experience and new and innovative team members.  Our One and Only MOTTO serves as our VISION, MISSION and PROMISE to each and every client.



This means that we KEEP to deadlines and a fast turnabout time on all products.  From Domain registration to published website is about 5 days.  Proofs of Printing and Graphic Design is Max 48 hours. In some cases we have been commissioned, designed and printed Flags and Banners in 8 hours although this is not the standard.


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